Mount Eerie Releases Heartbreaking Video for “Ravens”

Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum)

Last year, Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie lost his wife to cancer, a scenario we all fear as we hit the age where our own mortality sinks in. It was a long time before he was ready to step into the music spotlight again. His new album A Crow Looked at Me chronicles this experience of devastating loss and tragic grief.

Today he dropped his first video from the album for a song simply titled “Ravens”.

As heard on the lead single “Real Death”, “Ravens” finds Mount Eerie at its most minimal. It’s a venture Elverum takes on solo, which both makes sense and adds to the immense loneliness heard across both tracks.

The video for “Ravens” includes a variety of footage signature to Mount Eerie and Phil Elverum. Recognizable are the naturesque features of the Pacific Northwest.

Amidst the empty, tranquil landscape footage, two lone figures emerge prominent in the video. Elverum himself makes a brief, cameo in sadness as he sings about watching his wife pass away. She, too, makes an appearance–a memory cherished and now shared.

Watch the emotional video for “Ravens” by Mount Eerie below.

Seek out A Crow Looked at Me at your preferred music retailer. The LP will be released on March 24 on P.W. Elverum & Sun.

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