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Wyrd Visions Reissues Half-Eaten Guitar

Wyrd Visions

Stopping by The Business in Anacortes the other day, owner Nick and I had a chat about local label P.W. Elverum & Sun’s forthcoming release of the somewhat long lost Half-Eaten Guitar by Wyrd Visions.

Nick mentioned that Wyrd Visions is typically louder and possibly even darker than what you’ll hear on this LP. That’s somewhat surprising, giving this album is so cohesive in its subtle minimalism, dominated by a droning acoustic guitar.

You can hear what Nick’s talking about in the nine-minute closing track “Air-Conditioning”.
Formed by Colin Bergh of Toronto, Half-Eaten Guitar meanders through a somewhat fog-filled, drone-ish experimental folk arena frequented in early Grizzly Bear. The sound is minimal, repetitive, obscure and… Really. Fucking. Good.

Hear for yourself below, and get a copy of Wyrd Visions’ Half-Eaten Guitar on vinyl from P.W. Elverum & Sun before it’s gone. Seriously.

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