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Death Vessel: Ilsa Drown (feat. Jonsi of Sigur Ros)

Death Vessel

Joel Thibodeau’s Death Vessel returns in February with a follow up do his Sub Pop debut Nothing is Precious Enough for Us. The new album is called Island Intervals and it’s been a long time coming; his previous release as Death Vessel was way back in 2008.

While it’s a bit early to speculate how the album compares to Precious, Thibodeau has given us a teaser called “Ilsa Drown” in which he is joined by Jónsi of Sigur Rós. The song begins in true Death Vessel form with Thibodeau’s thin wispy vocals before being taken over by Jónsi during the chorus.

The two artists, when heard back to back don’t entirely seem to mesh, despite sharing similar genres. However, on “Ilsa Drown” the combination of the two is a solid success. Keep an eye out for Island Intervals come late February 2014, or pre-order today from Sub Pop.

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