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Angel Olsen: Forgiven/Forgotten

Angel Olsen

After her release of the Sleepwalker single earlier this year, I questioned whether Angel Olsen was going through a transformation. The revealing, introspective LP Half Way Home from 2012 was about as minimal as they come. Full vocals seemed as quiet as a whisper — though they were not — and her guitar was so soft the album was borderline a capella. “Sweet Dreams” off Sleepwalker changed things.

The question that song sparked: Would Angel Olsen continue down the path of “Sweet Dreams”, transforming her much in the vein Sharon Van Etten underwent with Tramp and “Serpents” or would she revert back to the minimalist nature of Half Way Home.

The answer may be found in “Forgiven/Forgotten”, a new track off her forthcoming Jagjaguwar LP Burn Your Fire For No Witness, out February 2014. “Forgiven/Forgotten” features the same traits that made “Sweet Dreams” an early 2013 favorite: it has plenty of loud guitars, full vocals and — quite unlike last year’s album — drums.

“Forgiven/Forgotten” makes Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness one of the first highly anticipated albums of 2014.

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