Saâda Bonaire: You Could Be More As You Are

Saâda Bonaire

On their announcement of their forthcoming reissue of Saâda Bonaire’s lone single from the early 80s, Captured Tracks made note to file the group under Why was this band not huge?. Makes perfect sense; listening to the band’s single “You Could Be More As You Are”, one is adorned with sounds somewhere between Kraftwork (the song was produced in their studio) and Stereo Total.

It’s amazing to think that none of these songs have really received much play; “You Could Be More As You Are” being the sole exception, but not by much. States the label:

Just as the “would-be” hit single was due for release, a scandal struck at the EMI office. Saâda Bonaire’s A&R man, notoriously famous for exceeding his budget… had previously exceeded his budget 5 times over on Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer” and was more than 3 times over budget for Saâda Bonaire; this was the last straw. Fed up, EMI released “You Could Be More As You Are”, but pulled the plug on all further promotional support for Saâda Bonaire.

The double LP will be self-titled Saâda Bonaire and feature the original A and B-sides for “You Could Be More As You Are” as well as eleven additional unreleased tracks recorded thirty years ago. Listen to Saâda Bonaire’s one single below and look for Saâda Bonaire as a double-LP tomorrow on Captured Tracks.

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