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Moonface: Julia With Blue Jeans On


Spencer Krug returns with his next Moonface record, Julia With Blue Jeans On. Krug, as you may well be aware, has had a music career filled with diversity; if this is your introduction to Moonface, as it is mine, you may be surprised to hear Krug at his most endearing. Julia With Blue Jeans On consists only of softly pleasant, heartfelt piano-laden tunes.

A little research shows that even Julia is a little different. In their review of Moonface’s new album, Consequence of Sound writes:

Divorced from the glittering, synthesized sound of his early work, Krug’s impressive piano playing here sounds downright classical.

About his earliest work under the moniker, they note it had a sound “both lovely and apocalyptic.” I get a similar sense in Julia With Blue Jeans On, but very likely to a different extent.

With a hint of sadness, Krug sings in “November 2011” the following:

Let me put one hand on the back of your neck
And let me put one hand on the small of your back
Let me have this dance…
Because baby we both know we are both crazy
And you can stay as long as you would like to stay

Simple and borderline elementary in terms of composition, Krug translates these lyrics to song in a way that is still quite powerful, enigmatic and stunning.

It continues throughout Julia With Blue Jeans On: Krug creates a tremendous, particularly detailed sound despite its minimalism. And while its simplicity may disappoint fans of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, it is these traits that give this album true appeal.

Julia With Blue Jeans On is out now on Jagjaguwar.

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