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Gem Club: Hypericum

Gem Club

Gem Club‘s bio begins with a simple, two-sentence statement: “There are times when beauty and sadness are inextricably linked. Massachusetts-based Gem Club understands this fragile symmetry.” The sheer essence of the band is captured here, in this brief moment.

Headed by pianist and songwriter/vocalist Christopher Barnes, Gem Club is rounded out with two collaborators: cellist Kristen Drymala and co-vocalist Ieva Berberian. Note the minimalistic nature captured here: two vocalists, two instruments. That’s it.

The three return in January 2014 with In Roses on Hardly Art.

In many regards, Barnes and Gem Club pick up where the band left off with their Breakers LP from 2011. “Hypericum”, the lead single from In Roses, features haunting melodies and Barnes’s somewhat beautifully pained vocals.

But common with most follow-ups, there is progress. A seemingly more memorable instrumental hook, a step forward in general songwriting ability: this is no surprise given the three years between Gem Club’s debut and In Roses. This is the perfect album for bedtime, one that any bedroom pop fan will quickly come to admire and cherish.

Listen to “Hypericum” off Gem Club’s forthcoming LP and watch their album teaser video below:

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