Kelley Stoltz releases Double Exposure

Kelley Stoltz

I’m a bit sad to see Kelley Stoltz leave Sub Pop; I’ve come to love his releases on the beloved Seattle label. Stoltz returns this month with Double Exposure on Third Man Records, the label imprint of Jack White. As you’d expect, it’s a bit cleaner than some of his previous work but not to the extent of being overproduced or overworked.

Honestly, what I miss the most on Double Exposure is the raw edge of his Sub Pop library, found even as late as 2010’s To Dreamers — the elements that made Stoltz a true psychedelic/garage rock artist.

Moving forward.

The words above make it seem like I’m not a fan of Double Exposure. This is not the case. I appreciate what Stoltz is doing here. The new songs are plenty catchy and memorable, more refined despite remaining true to the archaic nature of original garage rock from the 60s. Double Exposure, then, is the natural step forward.

This isn’t as obvious in tracks like opener “Storms” and its successor “Are You My Love” as it is in title track “Double Exposure” and “Kim Chee Taco Man”, both the latter of which you can hear below.

Double Exposure came out yesterday on Third Man Records.

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