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The Young Sinclairs: You Know Where To Find Me

The Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs are one of those prolific bands, always releasing new material. Featuring members of Eternal Summers, The Young Sinclairs actually pre-dates that band by almost half a decade. Rooted in their favorite artists from the 60s, I’ve always thought they held the folk-pop styling on par with The Byrds.

My introduction to The Young Sinclairs came a few years back when I snagged The Songs of The Young Sinclairs from either 2009 or 2010, shortly after the return of Kindercore Records. The Sinclairs, however, fit a somewhat different mold than the on par for the label; with heavier folk-pop leaning than indie-pop, The Songs of didn’t seem to fit.

But being a fan of 60s-tinged folk-pop, I was immediately a fan.

Enter The Young Sinclairs in 2013. Already this year, the band has dished out three European 7″ singles and are set up to release a fourth, this time state-side. You Know Where to Find Me is a four-song, 7″ EP that will be out September 17 via Planting Seeds Records.

The title track follows their rapidly-growing library of work. Still true to 1960s folk-pop and mixed with the grit of underground garage-pop, “You Know Where to Find Me” is among the better tracks from The Young Sinclairs. It has a great melody, catchy vocal hooks and is soaked in reverb.

The EP also includes “Too Young”, “Ear To The Ground” and “Remember This Song”. Your choice: grab the super limited print 7″ single (available for pre-order from Darla Records) or grab it digitally and get a mustn’t-miss bonus track — a cover of Roky Erickson’s “I Have Always Been Here Before”.

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