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Wymond Miles preps ‘Cut Yourself Free’

Wymond Miles

Following last year’s breathtaking debut post-punk LP Under the Pale Moon, The Fresh & Onlys guitars Wymond Miles has now announced his sophomore follow-up. Again to be released via Sacred Bones Records, the previews Miles and SBR have given us prove Cut Yourself Free will promise more dark, soulfully moody tunes.

Where Under the Pale Moon found Miles’ guitar with a hint of jangle, “Passion Play” off Cut Yourself Free has a poignant and angular edge. His vocals, too seem almost more melodramatic than before, carrying the song right to the cliff of its quite abrupt finale.

Sacred Bones posted one of their enigmatic album previews the other day and, like the most things they do, it is very well crafted. The footage fits the emotive nature captured in Wymond Miles’ music.

Minimalistic and mostly instrumental, Miles chimes in at the end. There’s mention of “the voice” and he concludes with I don’t know my destiny. Airy and spacial, the song is dreamier than much of what you’ll find on his previous release; teaser is right — Cut Yourself Free may be a contender for the year’s best LPs. I for one can’t wait to hear more.

Wymond Miles will release Cut Yourself Free via Sacred Bones Records on October 15. Above photo by James Cromwell Holden.

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