The Sudden Death of Stars: Supernovae (Video)

The Sudden Death of Stars

Do an image search for Rennes, France, and you’ll find photos of astonishing medieval buildings, of breathtaking landscapes and of mystical palaces. This is the town The Sudden Death of Stars calls home; not necessarily where you’d expect to find a psychedelic pop band with a 1960s penchant.

After a self-titled EP in 2010, the band released Getting Up, Going Down on June 1. Recorded between July 2009 and June 2011, the new LP seems hardly new. But its release in 2013 is fitting; despite plenty of decades-old musical references, this is very much the music of today.

Take lead single “Supernovae” and its accompanying video — it’s a retro-infused, colorful blend of mixed media, from cartoons to accurately-drawn geometric shapes. Through it all, The Sudden Death of Stars maintains a semblance of synth and vocal drone amid the driving forces of percussion (featuring, of course, a tambourine) and a wild sitar.

To accompany the new album, Ample Play Records released a new double-A-side single, featuring AA-side track “Goodbye”. The single came out August 12. Listen to both these songs and you’ll discover the similarities between The Sudden Death of Stars and their French hometown: both are absolutely stunning.

Check out the video for A-side “Supernovae” and stream “Goodbye” below, then head over to Cornership, the APR store and grab the single.

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