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Teen Daze: Ice on the Windowsil

Teen Daze

The latest track by Teen Daze, “Ice on the Windowsil”, is the first track to debut off his forthcoming LP Glacier. It features a surreal spacial sound, as subtle as it is dreamy. Given this, as you can imagine, it is far removed from his early work on Beach Dreams (2010). There is a feeling of solitude the song evokes, one of being at peace with yourself.

Contrary to the song and album name, there is a warmth here, within the ambiance of Teen Daze. It’s a different kind of warmth, as deduced from the press release: Album centerpiece “Ice On The Windowsill” celebrates the notion of remaining indoors with the one you love as the world frosts over. In essence: it’s comforting.

Glacier is set to release on October 1, just in time to warm you on those winter nights. Pre order the album now from Lefse Records. Check out the song below:

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