MTNS: Lost Track of Time


Despite use of digital equipment, a favoring of syths and electronic percussion, ambient bands like Brisbane, Australia’s MTNS seem to have an uncanny connection with nature. The natural world, the great outdoors; there’s something that bodes well with MTNS’ relaxed sound. In Theresa Fryer’s new video for MTNS’ first single “Lost Track of Time”, she captures this commonality perfectly.

Line of Best Fit championed the song late last month:

MTNS don’t overegg the chillwave aesthetic, sure there’s lots of soupy synth swells and floaty vocals but the creeping beat and bristling bass thuds anchor this one in darker, more alluring territory.

I for one am loving this sound. It’s the perfect song to lose yourself in during an early fall weekend. Fryer captures the perfect setting for “Lost Track of Time” in the opening and closing of the video: driving in a light, hazy rain down a two lane highway through lightly mountainous terrain.

I can see cranking this song up amidst tracks by equally new tracks by Lightning Dust and Maps while cruising up the North Cascades highway. Perfection would be achieved.

The debut EP by MTNS is on track for release in the near future. Check out the song and video below.

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