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Minks Release Sophomore LP “Tides End”


This week Minks released their sophomore LP on Captured Tracks. The new album, Tides End, sees the band progressing beyond their lo-fi, Joy Division-esque early days of By the Hedge. They’ve grown into a much more dreamy sound; one less harsh and abrasive than found on their debut.

“Everything’s Fine” has a cool, chill beat. But its the vocals where Minks have made their most substantial change: Sonny Kilfoyle has dropped the pointed, angular sound from songs like “Funeral Song” off the band’s debut for one relaxed and borderline sleepy. Listen to “Margot” and the change in undeniable — the vocal transformation fits Minks’ sound quite nicely.

Tides End also sees a heavier emphasis on synths, guitars taking on the sound of label-mate Mac DeMarco, and percussion occasionally employing a digital, electronic-like sound. Writes Boston Globe about the album:

Despite so many reminders of the past, we’re stuck with the present. It’s a tension that runs through “Tides End” — which he wrote in the East End of Long Island — and it plays well against its slack, throwback pop.

To commemorate the release of their new album, Minks debuted a video for “Margot” earlier this week on Bullett. Check out the video for “Margot” and listen to “Everything’s Fine” below, then head over to Captured Tracks and grab the LP.

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