Coke Weed: Sunseekers

Coke Weed

I haven’t listened to Coke Weed before now, but here they are with their third LP, Back to Soft. My lack of awareness isn’t all that surprising; the band has only been around two years, releasing their debut Volume One in 2011 and their follow-up Nice Dreams a year later. Back to Soft was released late last month, and on it Coke Week gets electrified.

The band’s earlier work (apparently) was stripped down, a bit more acoustic and more minimal. Songs like “Sunseekers” off the new LP are definitively not; “Sunseekers” finds this psych rock band with a heavier sound. It’s paralleled with influences like Galaxy 500 and Mazzy Star.

States the press release:

Coke Weed always had an early fascination with the post-hippie acid fall-out more so than the summer of love. There’s a distinct menace lurking underneath their music as well as the breathless, enigmatic voice of Nina D.

“Sunseekers” certainly encapsulates the lurking menace noted above. But it also has a catchy beat, memorable hooks and pleasant riffs. Hear for yourself below, then watch the accompanying video, which features the band performing using a cool, washed-out video paired with footage of 1950s (or thereabouts) era surfers.

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