Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)

Gap Dream

Hazy psychedelic pop and hip hop do not go well together. Yet with his new single, Gap Dream’s Gabe Fulvimar pulls off the mash-up effortlessly. Never have two so mismatched genres worked this well together. “Chill Spot” is the new song’s name, and it can be found as the A-side on Gap Dream’s new 7-inch single on Burger Records. Like most things Burger, this one comes on a limited pressing of 150 dark blue copies of wax and 350 black ones.

Gap Dream’s new video for “Chill Spot” finds Fulvimar and one of the familiar faces from Burger Records rocking out to the song as Gabe lip-syncs the lyrics and puffs on a little MJ. Like the song, the video combines the two genres well with overlapping video footage and bright psychedelic colors. Fulvimar appears in plenty of great outfits: a sleeveless ABBA shirt, a bright red poncho.

About the video, The Fader writes:

The action pretty much begins and ends with him and his bandmates passing around joints and nodding to the actual music that we hear playing in the video, but there’s a sort of comic brilliance to that, like we’re watching a bunch of Guitar Center regulars rock out while simultaneously poking fun of their own rockism.

The new single is out August 6. Hurry and grab a copy on dark blue vinyl before it sells out. I already ordered mine (along with the new LP by The Memories).

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