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Quiet Life Returns with ‘Wild Pack’

Quiet Life (Band)

I quite liked Quiet Life‘s 2011 release Big Green, which I noted in my coverage of their dual video for “Cave Country” and “No Surprise”. The band returns in October with their follow-up. “Devil’s Kin” is the first track to debut off the new album, Wild Pack, and it finds Quiet Life continuing with a very Pacific Northwest sound.

Listening to “Devil’s Kin”, I once again swore that Quiet Life was a Portland band. This belief was false — they hail from Connecticut. You can hear the influence from Portland artists like Dave Depper (Fruit Bats, Menomena), Nathan Junior (M Ward, Dandy Warhols), Laurel Simmons (Alela Diane, Indians), all of which contribute in some aspect to the album. Of course, I believe the influence was bred naturally in Quite Life.

The new album will be on Mama Bird Recording Co.. Check out the new track below and look for Wild Pack on October 29.

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