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Valleys: Hounds (MP3)

Valleys (Band)

This is a song you want to hear through headphones. Through headphones, “Hounds” seems to swirl around your head, a dreamy escape from reality. The song is off Valleys‘ new LP, Are You Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night?, out now on Kanine Records.

Pretty Much Amazing, who premiered the track a while back had this to say:

Somewhere around the three minute mark, “Hound” stops being a bit of pop escape, and becomes something that instead makes you dwell in the space Valleys wrote this song from.

It’s a darkness, a calming wash of waves at midnight threatening to throw you off your feet and drag you to sea. Valleys holds the listener on the brink of terror, mastering the balance between horror and peace.

You’ll hear much more of this on their new LP.

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