Scout Niblett: Gun (Video)

Scout Niblett

“I think I’m gonna buy me a gun / A nice little silver one / And in a crowd someday / you won’t see it coming anyway…” sings Scout Niblett in her new song “Gun”. Partly angst-ridden and bent on revenge, another part emotionless and cold, the song provides an eerie juxtaposition to a modern American society rampant with horrific and predominantly public violence.

This surreal trait is heightened in Niblett’s accompanying video for “Gun”, which finds her wandering a fair dressed as Snow White. It poses the question of whether her (Niblett as the protagonist in the video) seemingly carefree and innocent appearance is actually a facade for an underlying mental instability that could lead to yet another news-grabbing atrocity.

The song itself blends a minimal, gritty folk ballad with a ferocious electric guitar and rough drum bridge just after the midpoint. Check out the song and video below and look for Scout Niblett’s new album, It’s Up to Emma, on Drag City come May 21.

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