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Lubec: Local Celebrity (MP3)


I love bands that have only a few hundred fans on Facebook and a sound that begs to be heard. The latest to come to my attention is Portland-based Lubec, who boasts four members, three of which provide vocals. On their new track “Local Celebrity”, male-female vocals front a sound that Portland Mercury calls “fuzz-drenched guitars to give it a charming shoegaze-twee feel.”

This shoegaze-twee thing is spot-on, and it’s not the first time the band has delved into this realm; their thirteen-song LP from January of this year fits as well. That LP, Wilderness Days, can be snagged on 12 inches of white vinyl via Lubec’s bandcamp page. In particular, I’m quite fond of the track “Run With What You’ve Found”.

You can get a sense of Lubec’s personality through their sentence-long bio:

Lubec is a wandering noise-pop concern that seeks questions for the answers via blown piano, whammy-fuzz, and room reverbs that you can drink.

They aren’t joking about those reverbs; they’re thick. In “Local Celebrity”, it adds to the shoegaze-twee nature of the band. It’s not necessarily dark as one might associate with music that includes the pairing of terms shoegaze and fuzz. Instead it is as the band notes: “catchy AND unpredictable.”

Check out “Local Celebrity” below. The song is a sneak peek off the band’s forthcoming LP, due out later this year. It’s in the works now and currently being engineered/produced by Nucular Animals’ Rober Comitz. Above photo by Kelli Pennington.

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