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On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix

New Bicycle

I picked up a new toy a few hours before my show. My bike had been in the shop for a few days with a broken spoke and to get a new chain and cassette (the latter of which was a special order item), and I decided to try out a 2012 model Trek. Ended up using my old bike as a trade in and coming home with the new ride pictured above. With this kind of reckless spending, I needed a garage/psychedelic rock kind of night.

Here’s my playlist for April 26, 2013, along with a few words about each song/band:

“Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys” by Black Lips off Black Lips / Icky Blossoms (Record Store Day 7″ Single)

I love this cover of Willie Nelson’s famous tune. Black Lips give it a substantial nod, throwing in a little slop and plenty of garage, making it the perfect opener for tonight’s show. After picking up this Record Store Day single last week, I wrote some words about it.

“Django” by Federale off The Blood Flowed Like Wine

I really dig the spaghetti western meets psychedelic rock thing Portland’s Federale have created. The Blood Flowed Like Wine features two very complimentary yet distinctly different sounds. One is instrumentally-focused with occasional accompaniment of whistling, the other is songs like “Django”.

“The Gifts You Hide” by The Soft Hills off Chromatisms

I covered The Soft Hills back in February, noting the following:

(The Soft Hills) mixes psychedelic rock with shoegaze sensibilities for a very heavy sound, but — and listening to it again, it may sound funny to say this — they do it so lightly, so delicately. It’s a contradiction that The Soft Hills have mastered throughout Chromatisms.

You get that here in “The Gifts You Hide”.

“Humans Be Swayed” by Thee Oh Sees off Moon Sick

I covered this EP last week and here’s what I had to say about this track:

“Humans Be Swayed” is frantic and über-catchy. Loud, swirling guitars meet with playful vocal hooks. Here we hear melody driven by bass guitar and vocals. It is one of two songs leaning post-punk on the EP, and, undoubtedly, the more notable.

Read the full review here.

“Candy Clock” by Thee Oh Sees off Moon Sick

And about “Candy Clock”:

“Candy Clock”, too, is equally catchy but a bit more laid back and hints of a late-60s, early-70s style of psych-rock/pop. With plenty of la las, occasional emphasis on percussive toms, and a jangle-worthy guitar riff, “Candy Clock” is the EP’s jaw-dropper.

“Summer in the City” by VietNam off VietNam

VietNam has a new album out this year, which is pretty exciting given their last one drew a crap-ton of hype and was released way WAY WAY back in 2007! That previous album was self-titled and included this song, “Summer in the City”. Now, I haven’t heard anything off the new LP, but you bet I’m planning to soon.

“G 4 A G” by JJUUJJUU off FRST

After a few listens to JJUUJJUU, I simply had to cover the band, which I did earlier today (being April 26) here. This is monumentally energetic, sonic psychedelic rock at its finest.

“Sleepwalker” by Moon Duo off Circles

I love that thick psychedelic sound, packed with energy and borderline overwhelming with noise. Like JJUUJJUU, Moon Duo certainly fits the mold. “Sleepwalker” is off last year’s LP Circles.

“Maryanne Rising” by MMOSS off i

I still haven’t given MMOSS’s 2012 LP i a full listen, only dabbling in the LP here and there. I need to change that, especially after discovering “Maryanne Rising”. Such a great song!

“58th Street Fingers” by Gap Dream off Gap Dream

I can see Gap Dream’s self-titled debut becoming one of those albums I listen to intensely for a month or so before letting it slip into the abyss of my collection, only to re-discover it half a year later in a recurring pattern. Opener “58th Street Fingers” is likely to forever be my favorite, too. I’m ecstatic that I was able to grab this one on clear vinyl.

“Mirror” by Maston off Shadows

I became obsessed with Maston after watching their video for “Messages”. Shadows, like Federale’s The Blood Flowed Like Wine, can be split into two categories one of which is instrumental. Maston, however, produces jangly psych-pop in both these sides.

“Dreambuilding” by GOAT off Dreambuilding (7″ Single)

I love the energy behind Swedish psychedelic band GOAT. The first half of the song sets the pace with wild and crazy everything: guitar, vocals, cowbell. The second half throws it out the window for a truly gnarly guitar solo. Super easy to see why Sub Pop signed these folks. I’ll be covering this single soon, so stay tuned for more!

“Presence of Mind” by The Fresh & Onlys off Long Slow Dance

When I reviewed Long Slow Dance last year, I had this to say:

Long Slow Dance is, for the most part, a departure from the rough and the grit of Play It Strange for something I can only describe as a bit more contemporary. I know, right!? It sounds strange to say that, given The Fresh & Onlys‘ occasional penchant for noisy, rambunctious (albeit not overly so) psychedelic rock.

It’s an odd statement, but it fits. Read the full review here. Check out the video for this song:

“Summertime” by Girls off Album

I always forget how diverse the music of Girls can be. Christopher Owens is a phenomenal songwriter, and it shows in his ability in a song like this, “Summertime” off their debut LP Album, which transforms multiple times throughout, from an upbeat garage pop song that morphs into a space-y almost post-rock drone before dropping into a heartfelt ballad to close out the track.

“See You There” by Psychic Ills off One Track Mind

Along with The Men’s New Moon and Darlings’ Perfect Trip, Psychic Ills’ 2013 LP One Track Mind is right up their in the running for my favorite album of the year (thus far). Sacred Bones has done a phenomenal job putting out truly amazing releases, two of which are noted here. “See You There” is one of many high points on this album.

“Without A Face” by The Men off New Moon

These lyrics get me every time: I saw a man without a face / I think about him everyday. The way these lyrics come off, effortlessly, emotionless. It makes them all the more powerful. As of right now, New Moon has my early vote for album of the year.

“Rain On” by Woods off Songs of Shame

Each time I hear “Rain On”, I think the following thought: I need to listen to “Songs of Shame” more. I’ve had this LP for ages, but have only given it an embarrassingly few listens.

“Run Like the Hunted” by Wymond Miles off Under the Pale Moon

Wymond Miles, of course, is the guitarist for The Fresh & Onlys and Under the Pale Moon is his solo debut. With each listen, I get more and more into this album. Current favorites: “Lazarus Rising”, “You & I Are of the Night” and “Run Like the Hunted”.

“Hazel” by The Woolen Men off The Woolen Men

“Hazel” is the Woodist debut by The Woolen Men, though the band has a few prior recordings under their belt. “Hazel” is my current favorite off the LP, thanks to a catchy riff, prominent tambourine and plenty of vocal hooks. Sample the song over at Pandora.

“Vomit” by Girls off Father, Son, Holy Ghost

I’m a huge fan of the video for Girls’ song “Vomit”. It begins with sexy shots of a cherry red ’64 Mustang. Being a car guy, this excites me. While I don’t see much in the way of coinciding themes between the song and the video, but I don’t care. “Vomit” is one of the better tracks from Girls, right up there with “Hellhole Ratrace” and “Laura”.

“Change” by The Legends off Call It Ours (7″ Single)

The Legends’ 2004 debut LP Up Against the Legends remains one of my all-time favorite albums — definitely a top 3. “Call It Ours” is the album’s opening track and one that received single-status. “Change” is the second track on the album’s B-side and it follows the LP’s other songs in its upbeat nature. It’s easy to hear why it didn’t make the album — doesn’t quite fit — but it’s still among my favorites.

“Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” by The Radio Dept. off Lesser Matters

Sleepy lyrics backed by plenty of fuzzy pop, “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” was the song that made me fall in love with The Radio Dept. My discovery of this band came on a Labrador Records binge, shortly after becoming obsessed with The Legends.

“Stare Back” by Wax Idols off Discipline & Desire

Oakland (yes, you read that correctly) band Wax Idols have moved their dark post-punk sound from Hozac to Slumberland for their new release, Discipline & Desire. “Stare Back” is the LP’s opening track. The album came out one month ago today (i.e. on March 26).

“Hypnotic Regression” by Girls Names off The New Life

It seems this show has been comprised of label groupings. We’ve heard pairings of bands off Woodsist, Burger and Sacred Bones. Now with Wax Idols and Girls Names, Slumberland Records. Girls Names transformed between their first record and The New Life, expanding to a four-piece and creating a deeper, darker sound, which you hear here on “Hypnotic Regression”.

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