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I’ve been living in Skagit County for nearing five years now, and I have yet to truly crack the Bellingham music scene. For non-locals, which is likely 99% of you readers, Bellingham is 30 minutes north of the town I call home. This means that it, for the most part, the vast majority of Bellingham’s burgeoning music scene has gone unnoticed to me. This is something I hope to change, a desire that long preceded my discovery of Spokane-originated, now-Bellingham band SoccerMom.

Local publication What’s Up Bellingham interviewed the band’s Casey Dunau and wrote this about SoccerMom:

The band may have met playing soccer, but their name has deeper origins. While the name is an homage to the white minivan Casey drove in high school (pictured on the cover of their first album), it is also – mostly – a depiction of their carefree, get-it-done attitude. “Soccer moms just do not care at all about their image, they’re so wrapped up in what they’re doing. All about getting things done. Getting from point A to point B.”

Listening to the band’s self-titled EP from way back in 2011, you get the impression this band was aptly titled; that carefree sense is inherent through the vocals, light bass-lines, playful near-jangly guitars, and super prominent keyboards. You also get the sense that SoccerMom would be a fun band to see live.

Back in December, they prepped a new release (which dropped in January on bandcamp). It’s titled DemoDecember Mixtape and in it SoccerMom presents four new songs that differ very little from their original sound: they’re just as unique, are equal in catchiness, and still fun as hell.

Grab the EPs from SoccerMom’s bandcamp page.

Download: “Overprivileged Youth” by SoccerMom
[audio:130426-soccermom-overprivileged-youth.mp3|titles=Overprivileged Youth|artists=SoccerMom]

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