Soledad Vélez: Black Light In The Forest (Video)

Soledad Velez

There’s something a bit timeless about “Black Light in the Forest”, a new track by Soledad Vélez off her forthcoming LP Wild Fishing, out now on Absolute Beginners Records. This makes sense given her background: Originally from Chile, Vélez grew up with her father’s record player and a guitar. She moved to Argentina and ultimately Spain, where she now resides in Valencia.

The music of Soledad Vélez is defined by her unique, throaty vocals, which have an intense vibrato that corresponds well with her pleasant folk-pop sensibilities. Backed by a playful guitar melody, a gratifying percussive shuffle and subtle back-up vocals in the chorus, “Black Light in the Forest” is upbeat, catchy and has the proper hooks to force you to hit the repeat button.

The song also found its way to video, which was directed and produced by Javier Tortosa and Oscar Garrido and filmed in Valencia, Spain during the early summer of last year. Check out the video below:

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