Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)

Lars Bygden

Lars Bygdén is a singer/songwriter from Sweden; that’s to say, he’s an artist who creates haunting folk melodies fronted by strong vocals that seem to echo through the darkness. His latest release – his third under his own name – is simply called LB and the opening track, “The Hole”, recently received very stunning video treatment.

Directed and animated by Emil Gustafsson Ryderup, “The Hole” is a melancholy video that focuses on a journey beneath the surface of the earth. The viewer gets the impression “The Hole” metaphorically refers to debt, discomfort, or even just isolation.

Bygdén’s soft, finger-plucked guitar melodies are occasionally accompanied by woodwinds, horns and strings. The accompaniment is subtle, but adds substantial depth to the song. Talking is silver / Silence is gold he coos during the chorus; these lyrics add further mystery behind the song, which is beautifully crafted and well worth a fair bit of attention. Guest vocals are provided by Christian Kjellvander.

2 thoughts on “Lars Bygdén: The Hole (Video)

  1. Lars Bygden has produced a very deep song accompanied with a beautifull video. He takes us down with him into the depth of his soul. I like this song very very much. It’s sensitive, deep, creative and it deserves a world class platform.

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