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Bored Nothing to Release Self-Titled LP on April 9

Bored Nothing

My introduction to Bored Nothing came last year on a little compilation put together by Bleeding Knees Club. “Snacks” was the third track on the comp, featuring Bleeding Knees Club and several of their musician friends. That track appears on Bored Nothing’s new self-titled LP.

Backed by lo-fi, fuzzy guitars and fronted by Fergus Miller’s subtle, dreamy vocals, Bored Nothing wasn’t supposed to go anywhere.

Originally, Miller recorded many of his songs while roaming, wandering and, essentially, homeless (though not in the sense that you and I would relate to). His nomadic lifestyle fit with his concept of creating and sharing music; he recorded tapes and gave them away to people he met while traveling.

That was a few years ago. He now has an address, he’s settled (slightly), and he has expanded his sound considerably. Occasionally heartfelt – of note, the emotive “Bliss – and other times heavy and brooding like opener “Shit for Brains”, Fergus has crafted an album that continually morphs and changes in style while somehow finding commonalities here and there.

About Bored Nothing track “Echo Room”, The FADER dished out some insight:

“Echo Room” is actually one of Miller’s more upbeat tracks, wedding slacker jangle to a distinctly-’90s obsession with the more heartbreaking aspects of aimlessness. Miller spends an album tackling living just outside the world he’s part of, drinking, and not understanding things he feels like he’s meant to understand, but he does it with grace and a great pop sensibility.

Bored Nothing hints of pop music from the 80s and early 90s, predominantly early Flying Nun. On occasion, I’m reminded of Norwegian band I Was A King, the great Teenage Fanclub, the legendary New Zealand band The Bats, and even (here an there) Elliott Smith.

Listen to a pair of tracks off the album below, and look for it via Cooperative Music USA on April 9.

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