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Club 8: Stop Taking My Time

Club 8

I admit, I freak out a bit each time I hear of a new undertaking by Johan Angergård – anything by Acid House Kings, The Legends and/or Club 8. The last on the list is Angergård’s project with Karolina Komstedt, who takes lead on vocals; and they’re back with their eighth studio LP, Above the City. The lead single is “Stop Taking My Time” and it reverts back to the band’s earlier days with heavier electro-beats and catchy vocals.

Club 8’s seventh, The People’s Record, was the odd one (and consequently, my favorite until Above the City). It featured the oddly comparable afro-pop meets indie-pop with wild percussion that drew upon different influences, namely Western African, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban. It was a bold album, and it stood out accordingly.

The curiosity, then, surrounded what Above the City would entail. “Stop Taking My Time” is (admittedly) a cursory example of what you can expect on the new LP. It’s upbeat, filled with dance-able electro-pop that, for Club 8, dates back to the mid-1990s and early 2000’s and their self-titled debut LP. However, like “Stop Taking My Time”, the whole album is a step forward.

In a way, the beats backing “Stop Taking My Time” are a bit reminiscent of what Angergård created with his third album under The Legends name, Facts & Fiction. I like that; Facts & Fiction, while third of my list of favorite albums by The Legends, is still among my top albums of all time.

Club 8 is back with a vengeance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Above the City takes over as the fan favorite, even for me (though The People’s Record will always hold a very special place in my heart). Check out the lead single below and keep an eye out for Above the City. The album drops May 21 via Labrador Records.

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