Legs: Two Colours (Video)

Legs Oakland Band

In school, they teach you that the easiest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. But such things rarely exist in life, especially when they pertain to the progression from where you are today to where you’ll be tomorrow. This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to over the past month or so; it’s also something Abbey Simmons touches upon in her recent thought-provoking article in Sound on the Sound.

It also brings up the question of fate and the notion of predetermination, of questioning what we truly have control over in our lives. So, when I read how Oakland-based band Legs came together, I felt inspired to bring these thoughts to light.

Named after their fathers’ mutual love for Tina Turner, Oakland, CA-based Jeffrey Harland and New Zealand native Matt Bullimore began Legs in a cold, concrete practice space in West Oakland, California. The pair originally met while exchanging Weezer bootlegs in a Safeway parking lot in early 2000. Matt would go on to teach Jeffrey his first power chord sealing their friendship and status as best-buds. Early get-togethers were dominated by heated arguments over the Beatles versus The Stones, ending only after the discovery of their mutual love of the Kinks and Velvet Underground.

Over the past few days, I’ve been enjoying the eighth album by New Zealand band The Bats, Free All the Monster. And today the video for Legs’ “Two Colours” comes across my desk. Member Matt Bullimore, like the legendary band, is from New Zealand – in fact, his high school band opened for The Bats in Christchurch at some point in time.

On to Legs. Like The Bats, Legs has a penchant for jangle pop and their video for “Two Colours” emphasizes this fact. It centers around Harland’s partner Amelia Adams, who shares vocals with her man. And like the song, it has plenty of jangle and is packed with a lovable, hazy demeanor.

Listen to and watch the song below via SoundCloud and Vimeo, and look for it on Legs’ new LP Pass the Ringo, out April 23 on Loglady Records.

Legs – Two Colours from Loglady on Vimeo.

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