We Found A Lovebird: A Brief Interview with Larry Lechner

we found a lovebird

It donned on me while listening to “Don’t Blame The Times”, the fifth track on We Found A Lovebird‘s new six-song EP, Let’s Start The War, that this band may in fact be influenced – at least in part – by early Elvis Costello. It was a thought that had not occurred to me previously, for whatever reason, so I asked member Larry Lechner, the band’s vocalist/guitarist about it. What began as a simple question became a full-fledged interview over Facebook messages.

We Found A Lovebird is a self-described indie pop band, but their sound dips occasionally into rock and jangle-pop – no surprise given the Costello reference. On their Facebook Page, Lechner is described as follows: “Geezer whines into microphone about how hard done by he is. Occasional sunshine.”

Before we dive into everything, put on “Biggest of Chunks”, what Larry has dubbed as the EP’s lead single:

Download: “Biggest of Chunks” by We Found A Lovebird
[audio:130307-we-found-a-lovebird-biggest-of-chunks.mp3|titles=Biggest Of Chunks|artists=We Found A Lovebird]

Fense: So I gave Let’s Start The War a listen right after I responded to your previous message and am definitely digging “Biggest of Chunks”. Later on, it dawned on me… are you at all influenced by earlier Elvis Costello?

LL: That question makes me so so happy cuz that’s kinda what we were shooting for. The Attractions were an absolutely fabulous rhythm section don’t ya think?

Fense: Dude… totally. Costello has one of the most dominating presences in my LP collection. Probably have all his early stuff, a lot of the mid era and even a few modern LPs, not to mention a slew of singles and a vinyl bootleg called “Radio Radio… Live in Toronto at the ‘El Macombo Club’ 3/78” which I (embarrassingly enough) have yet to listen to. Since we’re on the topic… name your favorite Costello song and album.

LL: This Year’s Model and My Aim Is True were it for me. Such meaty, surefooted, irresistible rhythm section performances.

Fense: Totally agree. Not only does This Year’s Model have perhaps my all-time favorite album cover, it’s one of those records I never get tired of. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s make this a little interview of sorts!

I don’t recall your previous work being so heavily influenced by an era or artist, yet I found Let’s Start The War to also be somewhat of a voice-finding EP for We Found A Lovebird. How did you and the guys approach the EP from a creative standpoint? Did you do anything different here than you’ve done in the past?

LL: Well we did all the recording and mixing ourselves in our rehearsal/studio space. Never done that before. And the band just really wanted to rock, kind of in reaction to the folky pop of the first record. Personally, I felt a shit load of pressure at the mixing stage but the guys were patient with me. Plus we had a great ally in our mastering engineer Mark Chalecki (Little Red Book Mastering in LA) who cut his teeth at Capitol, no less.

Fense: As different as it is, I really enjoy the third track, “Northwest on Southwest Avenue”. However, it’s so distinctly different from the rest, with sort of a shoegaze-meets-indie pop thing going on. Can you tell me a little more about this song?

LL: “Northwest on Southwest Avenue” started as a simple catchy bass riff that Shane (Impey) brought in. We recorded the beds and I layered it up adding the melodies and stuff and Shane mumbled some lyrics overtop. Love the way it turned out.

Fense: Well thanks for the impromptu interview. It’s been a pleasure chatting and I look forward to hearing about what We Found A Lovebird has in store for the future. Can you drop any hints?

LL: The future? Fuck, I just want this record to get a little attention and maybe lead to some better gigs. Our aims are modest and true, I hope. Thank you so much for the support Andy!

Alright. So Let’s Start The War is out now. Where can people find the album if they want to pick it up?

LL: Well, in Vancouver (B.C.) they’re available at Neptoon Records. Or people can stalk me and maybe I’ll surrender one to them. Otherwise, just at live shows.

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