Dead Recipe: Feature

Dead Recipe Band

There’s something quite nice about Austin band Dead Recipe. Their music features deep, soulful vocals split three ways. Back those with chill folk-pop that flirts with surf-pop and the result is both familiar and unique. “Flowers” and “Patterns” are great examples of this young band’s prowess.

“Flowers” is the perfect tune to get your head bouncing with enough unique and interesting elements to pick at the brain of the listener and entice them to seek out more by this new band. “Patterns” follows suit with harmony vocals that delve out quite the memorable hooks.

Dead Recipe doesn’t fool around; some of their songs feature time changes, others find them using unique instruments and multiple vocalists. Then again, their new self-titled debut album was produced by Shawn Jones (The Eastern Sea, The Lovely Sparrows); I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Dig into Dead Recipe and you’ll hear a bit more; “Kitchen Mouthings” borders on folk with all three — Kyle Albrecht, Camille Lewis and Andrew Davis — on vocals. “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” immediately jumped out (WTF as read via the NATO phonetic alphabet). And closer “Traveler” has a light jazzy shuffle to it.

Dead Recipe is available now on iTunes; you can also listen to a few tracks on bandcamp and stream the LP in its entirety on Last.fm.

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