Indians: I Am Haunted (Video)

Indians Band from Denmark

Last year, we saw a slew of videos that featured band members being killed in one gruesome fashion or another. Looks like we’re kicking of 2013 in a similar manner; “I Am Haunted” finds Indians front-man Søren Løkke Juul being tormented and tortured by a woman whose face remains, for the most part, hidden from view. The camera swirls around the basement space, where Juul is tied to a chair, slowly becoming more and more bruised and bloody.

Hailing from Denmark, Indians’ music is a surreal style of folk that is seemingly futuristic. It’s not alien, not necessarily other-worldly, but merely as though it was crafted one, maybe two-hundred years from now in an uber-modern, slightly dilapidated cabin in the woods. Or maybe in a small, lonely out-back space station. It can be likened to the clash of Bon Iver with early Deerhunter. An odd mix, but one that works suprisingly well.

Directed by Winston Holmes Case, the mastermind behind Perfume Genius’ touching and (sadly) controversial “Hood”, “I Am Haunted” is a wonderfully evil and creative pseudo snuff film.

“I Am Haunted” is off Indians’ recently released LP, Somewhere Else, out now in the US and Europe on 4AD.

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