Little Wings: Doom Room (Video)

Little Wings

“Doom Room” has a new video, and it’s a bit weird. I like it. It’s off Little Wings‘ new LP, LAST. “Doom Room” features heavily bearded Little Wings brainchild Kyle Field, clad in shorts and a straw hat, wandering what appears to be the southwest; maybe rural California not far from his home in San Francisco.

Listening to Little Wings can be a confounding experience. Lyrically, the songs weave in and out with little twists and turns that shouldn’t seem to work but do so with insurmountable ease. It takes countless listens to decipher what’s going on, and even then there’s a monumental, hard to decipher depth.

Feist, perhaps, said it best:

…over the last bunch of years I’ve grown to truly admire the way he [Kyle Field] walks in the world. He writes songs that I can’t even begin to unravel and so after all sorts of attempts, now I just let myself get tangled in them properly.

Musically, Little Wings is as pleasant as can be. The songs are lighthearted and borderline playful. Melodies are soft, romantic — a dreamy shuffle. And on LAST, you get sixteen of them. (My favorite is “Knock on Every Door”, a chill, cool tune with a novel’s worth of poetic lyrics.)

“Doom Room”, on the other hand, spreads things out a little — especially when it comes to the video. It’s solitary, but it isn’t lonely. To me, it seems to be about a man wandering the wilderness in the search for peace, and perhaps even more so, sanity.

Listen to “Sandy Babe” and watch “Doom Room” below. And keep an eye out for LAST will be released February 5 on Field’s own label, RAD. This may (or may not) be the last Little Wings album, as hinted in the press release about the band.

Download: “Sandy Babe” by Little Wings
[audio:|titles=Sandy Babe|artists=Little Wings]

Little Wings – “Doom Room” from UGEE HOBBIT on Vimeo.

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