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Oceanography: Drinking Water (Track Premiere)

Oceanography by Wes Sumner

Brian Kelly calls his music Americana, but there are additives that give it a twist. He throws in the terms “loud” and “gothic” on occasion. It makes sense — Oceanography‘s music is thematically draped in all the proper elements. Roots, tradition, American history. Yet it’s far from traditional Americana music. Songs like “Reggie Jackson” and “American Cars” side on the obvious. But my focus today is our soundcloud premiere of “Drinking Water”, the final track on Oceanography’s sophomore EP Parachutes of Plenty.

The song starts out with that rootsy feel, but quickly grows in volume and capacity. Kelly, who fronts Oceanography, morphs the song’s early folk-entrenched emotion into something truly monumental. For lack of better terms, the song concludes on an anthemic, epic note. There is great depth here, as you’d expect — the details in the guitars, the focus on percussive toms during the verses before clashing into cymbals during the chorus.

I like this. A lot. And as you get deeper into the song — say right after Kelly et. al. withdraw much of the volume — the 3:40 mark hits for the final climax and it’s quite explosive.

Listen to and download “Drinking Water” below and grab your copy of Parachutes of Plenty now. The EP came out back in December, so feel free to revise your 2012 best EPs list accordingly.

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