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Campfires: Fortune Teller


Jeff Walls’ Campfires is prepared to drop its debut LP Tomorrow, Tomorrow on February 19 via Fire Talk Records. I knew I recognized the name; in my collection is his 7″ for “Stormy Late Fall” on Mexican Summer.

Once again, here’s a highly limited vinyl pressed album that will be in my hands very soon. Unlike that 7″ single, which is loud and raucous to a point, the debut LP features sunny lo-fi indie pop. That is to say, traits of that earlier sound exist — the pop and lo-fi elements — but it’s much more upbeat and lively. “Fortune Teller” is the second track on the album, and it’s only one of many greats you’ll find there.

Almost all songs have a hint of jangle in the guitars and a notable trace of fuzz. “Fortune Teller” is fronted by Walls’ not-quite falsetto vocals and backed by playful guitars and erratic percussion. In that regard, Campfires is somewhat the perfect moniker for the band. The music has the semblance of the outdoors. Not “nature” in the manner of Mount Eerie, but the carefree feeling you get on a camping trip in the country.

Listen to “Fortune Teller” below and preorder Tomorrow, Tomorrow before it’s too late.

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