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Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo: State of No Connection

Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo

Listening to Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, abbreviated PYHUFNT, I’m reminded of Danish dream-pop outfit Sleep Party People. PYHUFNT has a similar style of indistinct, higher-pitched vocals backed by dreamy, dark electro-pop. “State of No Connection” is the band’s new track from PYHUFNT and in it you’ll hear everything from soft, dreamy synth notes to monumental percussion.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo has already seen some light success in their home country, having opened for Twin Shadow during that band’s Norwegian dates in the first half of last year.

Listen further with songs like “The Blood of Brethren” and you’ll be treated to a sound on par with Oh No Ono or even a hint of early Mew. But, as I’ve seen noted elsewhere, Njål Paulsberg’s songwriting is unlike anything else out there right now (despite the light similarities to the aforementioned artists).

Paulsberg is joined by Eirick Nordstrand to complete PYHUFNT, and the duo has mastered what I like to dub as electro-psych — it’s the same sub-genre you’ll find Sleep Party People. Check out “State of No Connection” below.

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