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5 Quirky Songs That Make Me Immensely Happy

Kitchen Floors - Applying Wood Filler

On occasion, you just need something fun to play on your stereo. If you’re in that quirky, smiley sort of mood, this list is for you. Today I present to you, my reader, five quirky songs that make me immensely happy. One is from a band you might not expect (with exception to them being one of my all-time favorite artists), one a garage-y masterpiece, a few pop gems, and even a crazy little Christmas song.

So yeah, I’m in a quirky mood. I get that way sometimes when certain songs pop up on my playlist, and that’s precisely what inspired this post. In particular, the track covered below by Lightning Love. Such songs are perfect when you’re feeling a little down, or when you’re neck-deep in a stressful house project (like ripping up the kitchen floors, which we’re in the process of doing and which you can see in the image above).

Enough banter. Let’s begin…

* * * * *

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian: I Love My Car

I’m starting out with an older tune. “I Love My Car” arrived via Belle & Sebastian‘s I’m Waking Up To Us single (12″ and 7″) in 2001 and later on 2005’s triple LP Push Barman To Open Old Wounds. As an enthusiast of both cars and jazz, this song makes me very happy. Now I’m not the biggest fan of Dixieland — my jazz interests are more toward Miles Davis and Charles Mingus — but I love its incorporation into this song.

* * * * *

JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF The Brotherhood: Hey Friend

My friend Chris asked about a band that I have talked up a lot and that has now made it big. Well, JEFF The Brotherhood isn’t “big” per se, but I’ve been raving (of sorts) about them since 2009’s “Heavy Days” which just cracked my top 10 for that year. Their latest album, Hypnotic Nights is on Warner Bros Records.

Then again, they create epic sludge rock that’s totally 90s, has anthemic guitar solos, hints of early Weezer in the vocal styling (selectively), and awesome lyrics like “I’ve been thinking about your mom…” so their successes isn’t all that surprising.

I have many favorites from JEFF, including “Growing” off Heavy Days and “Whatever I Want” off their 7″ Single of the same name. However, the one that makes me smile most is “Hey Friend” (quoted above). Here’s the song to stream and their correlated/awesome sauce music video:

* * * * *

Lightning Love

Lightning Love: Bobby Thompson

The song begins like this… he sings: “I don’t care if you’re ugly / As long as you’ll love me.” And she chimes back: “If you don’t care that I’m lonely / Why don’t you just hold me.” Backed with a super poppy melody including guitars and piano and loud percussion, I can’t help but get a big grin on my face each time the song comes on. Yep, “Bobby Thompson” by Detroit-ish band Lightning Love is the tune that inspired this post.

* * * * *


Ozarks: Pyramids of Love

It seems like it’s always the first few lyrics that do it, and “Pyramids of Love” is no exception. Ozarks begin with this: “All my friends are in prison / All of my friends are a prism / Pyramids have risen / Covered in the resin / Of love.” Frontman Robbie Augspurger is a master at this style of wordplay; his new album, Ozarks, is filled with a similar vein of songwriting.

Below: watch the awesome video for “Pyramids of Love” by Ozarks.

* * * * *

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens: Christmas Unicorn

It’s that time of year. The time when everyone gets sick of all the repetition in holiday music. I’m the same way; in fact, I typically shun the stuff completely. But this year, something strange is happening. I’m getting into indie Christmas tunes. They’re quirky, fun, and sometimes flat out bizarre. Take this track, “Christmas Unicorn” by Sufjan Stevens, as a perfect example. It’s off his brand new box set on Asthmatic Kitty Records called Silver & Gold, Songs for Christmas Vol. 6-10. Specifically, it’s the title track off Volume 10.

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