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Trails And Ways: Border Crosser (The Sheshan Remix)

Trails And Ways

2012 has been a great year for new bands, and in the top three or so is a group I’ve covered a few times already this year: Trails And Ways. They have two descriptions on Facebook. One is Brazilian shoegaze and the other is bossa nova dream pop. Both are fairly accurate.

In January, the band will be releasing a new remix EP, and the first track to be released off it is “Border Crosser (The Sheshan Remix)” — despite their giving us some pretty phenomenal tracks this year with “Nunca” and “Mtn Tune”, this may be among the best yet!

The Sheshan is the band behind this remix, and you can see/hear more from them on their website. (I strongly recommend checking out the video for “Oblivion” they have on their homepage — good stuff!)

Check out the tune below and keep an eye out for the new EP early next year. As a time-passer, you can download the track by “Liking” the band on Facebook.

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