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Sleeping Bag: Walk Home

Sleeping Bag

Bloomington, Indiana isn’t a name that rolls off the tongue as a purveying city of pop greatness. Yet here we have a band, Sleeping Bag, creating some very catchy, sometimes jangle-influenced, other times rock-related pop songs.

The band’s debut self-titled LP dropped in 2011 and it was pop, but it was also mopey. Favorites like “Sunroom” had a downtrodden nature to them despite having more upbeat instrumentation.

Women Of Your Life is Sleeping Bag’s follow up and hit last month via Joyful Noise Recordings. Limited to 300 copies on mint green vinyl, the LP’s closing track “Walk Home” is a somewhat 180 degree turn.

It’s upbeat, positive and far from depressing.

There’s nothing wrong with a sad song, but I must say that the uplifting nature of “Walk Home” is simply stunning. I absolutely love this song!

Women Of Your Life isn’t all like “Walk Home” and instead trails the in-between area separating that song and their debut album. Some songs are crazy upbeat, others have a withdrawn edge to them. But like their debut, there’s greatness within all.

Sleeping Bag began as a solo project for Dave Segedy, who was soon joined by Lewis Rogers and David Woodruff. With a penchant for 90s alt rock and a blanket love of pop, Sleeping Bag shows that maybe Indiana not only knows good pop, but may be a somewhat reckoning force in its creation.

Check out (and download) “Walk Home” below and head over to bandcamp to stream the full album.

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