Can I Show You My Wiener Dog?

Wiener Dog Popcorn

OK, get ready for audible insanity. For an awesome cause. Burger Records and Wiener Records have meticulously thrown together a ridiculously sized compilation featuring 71 bands in all for the good cause of saving a cute little wiener dog’s life. You can grab your copy for $10.00 over at Burger Records.

To hype up the release, Burger created a great little promotional video, which you can see below:

If that doesn’t make you smile, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Period.

Featured in that promo video is the opening track to the compilation, the appropriately titled “Can I Show You My Wiener Dog?” by the band Free Weed. Check it out in full below:

The comp became available last night at midnight and only 500 copies of the multi-cassette comp were “pressed” so there’s no telling how long it’ll be available (I’m just hoping that it won’t sell out before I wake up).

Always gracious, Burger / Wiener have given us another track from the comp to enjoy. It’s called “Teacher’s Pet” and I think you’ll recognize who it’s from: Thee Oh Sees!

The Wiener Dog CompCover art was created by Chelsea Brown of Summer Twins created that nifty artwork for the comp over there.

Now to get a little personal. Growing up, my family owned a wiener dog named Mitzi Von Frankfurter. She was cute; a breed they call silver dapple, known for their black, brown and silver combination of colors. She passed away back in 2000, when I was a sophomore in college.

You must buy this comp so Popcorn — the dachshund whose surgical procedure will be paid for by this release — can live. Just look at that cute little puppy in that video up there. You know you want to do it. SO DO IT ALREADY!

(Just don’t do it until AFTER I get up this morning and grab my copy… only then, you can purchase your $10 copy and get this thing sold out in 24 hours!)

Here are a few of the names I’m most excited about: Jaill, The Blank Tapes, The Pharmacy, Redd Kross, Thee Oh Sees, The Zoltars, Fatal Jamz, The Memories, King Tuff, Gap Dream, and Jail Weddings.

And here is the full track list:

A01 Free Weed – Can I Show You My Wiener Dog Mastered
A02 The Go – Party Goin On
A03 The Resonars – Odd Sister
A04 Pop Zeus – Really Through
A05 Seth Pettersen – Get Rad (Demo)
A06 Massenger – Joshy Don’t Go (To San Francisco)
A07 White Fang – Chairman of the Bored
A08 Unkle Funkle – I Wish That I Was A Dog
A09 Schlitzie – Lonely World
A10 Fever B – Foolish B
A11 Jaill – Baby U Guessed It (Demo)
A12 The Garden – Trust
A13 Wax Witches – Punk Is For Gays
A14 The Blank Tapes – Puppy Cuddles
A15 The Tyde – Banned
A16 The Pharmacy – Big Sur-Cool Calm
A17 Dirt Dress – 15th
A18 Sir Lord Von Raven – The Sweet Smell
A19 Redd Kross – Pretty Please Me (Live At Amoeba)

B01 Thee Oh Sees – Teacher’s Holiday
B02 Matthew Melton – Words I Never Learned
B03 Lenguas Largas – Llore
B04 The Shivas – Used To Being Cool
B05 Hammered Satin – Glamorama (Demo)
B06 Apache with Daddy Long Legs – Motorcycle Madness
B07 Freezing Hangs – Bullet Pops’ Theme (Rough)
B08 Tiger High – Pyramids
B09 Mild Manners – Big Noize
B10 The Zoltars – All My Friends
B11 Wyatt Blair – Understand
B12 Fatal Jamz – Elysian Hillside
B13 Kid Little – It’s Gonna Be Fun
B14 Tenement – Whisper in the Lion’s Ear (Demo)
B15 Meercaz – Come Out Tonight
B16 Pookie and the Poodlez – I Met This Bunny
B17 Detective – Holy Ghost Citizens Club (Live)
B18 The Three OClock – Paperback Writer

C01 Danny James – Working World
C02 Gravys Drop – Dark Storm
C03 The Abigails – 4 U 4 TRK
C04 The Pine Hill Haints – I’m Going Where The Wild Wind Moans
C05 The Memories – I’m So High
C06 The Eeries – In My Dreams
C07 Joel – I See The Light
C08 Cleaners From Venus – Show Pony
C09 The Smoking Trees – Leslie Echos
C10 MMOSS – Hands (Demo)
C11 Spanish Moss – Cut It Off Final
C12 Nightmare Boyzzz – Minnie Mouse
C13 Plum Clods – Arcade (Demo)
C14 Guantanamo Baywatch – That’s True
C15 The Orions – Mediterranean Buddha
C16 Cumstain – Blue Balled (D.M Demo)
C17 John Wesley Coleman – Popcorn
C18 Beaunoise – Wiener Theme

D01 King Tuff – Somewhere Out There
D02 Cheryll – I Wonder (Demo)
D03 Gap Dream – Here Lies Shiva
D04 The Aquadolls – Honey
D05 Burnt Ones – Sunny Day
D06 HOTT MT – Alien Adoption
D07 Extra Classic – Mother Nature
D08 Sailors Of Neptune – I Don’t Know How To Love You
D09 La Luz – Brainwash
D10 Sauna – I Was A Teenage Girl
D11 Wildest Dreams – Dream On
D12 Jail Weddings – Summer Fades (Demo)
D13 Denney and The Jets – New York Love
D14 Paul Collins – Baby I’m In Love With You
D15 White Night – La La La
D16 Frausdot – This is The End

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