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Faunts: Left Here Alone (Album Review)


Dreamy and surreal, Faunts new EP Leave Here Alone has echoing guitars and a wispy airiness to the vocals. The songs have a darkness to them, an ethereal, hypnotic haze like the reflection of sound in a foggy canyon during the wee hours of the morning. You don’t know where it’s coming from, and it’s frightening. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem real so it’s, in a way, OK.

Part a hazy ambience, part glaring with vivid clarity, Faunts sound is certainly unique. Within Leave Here Alone, the band pieces together nearly 30 minutes of dreamy pop songs filtered through the remnants of shoegaze and a trace dose of electro-pop.

Each song subtly slips into the next, each with its own unique presence but each distinctly cohesive with the others on the EP. “Alarmed” opens with an emphasis on the hazy, spaced-out guitars, whereas “What I’d Love To Hear You Say” emphasizes a clear, light guitar riff and lyrical content. From here, the band dives into the dreamy piano and vocal heavy “Stay A While”.

The EP concludes with the title track, which begins with a dark, distant beat.

Left Here Alone was released early this week via Friendly Fire Recordings.

Left Here Alone by Faunts

Friendly Fire Recordings [EP, 2012]

1. Alarmed
2. What I’d Love To Hear You Say
3. Stay A While
4. Left Here Alone

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