Kate Boy: Northern Lights (Video)

Kate Boy

This video debuted early in November, but I felt compelled to write about it now given the song’s presence in tomorrow’s pre-recorded KSVR radio show (10pm PST). Kate Boy has entered the hype realm this month in part thanks to her song “Northern Lights” and its audible similarities to The Knife’s epic LP Silent Shout.

Contrary to others that have received the Silent Shout nod (and I’m looking at you Purity Ring), Kate Boy maintains the creepiness The Knife produced on that album. And like that band, Kate Boy also hails from Sweden.

Check out the video for “Northern Lights” and keep an eye out for the track. Per Kate Boy’s Facebook page, something good is in the works:

Dear fans, we hear you guys want to purchase Northern Lights, and we are truly sorry for not giving you that possibility right now. But things are gonna change, so please just hold tight, see the video at YT, and good news are (sic) gonna come soon. Very soon.

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