Lost Animal: Say No To Thugs (Video)

Lost Animal

There have been a lot of videos about death and murder this year. In “A Dark God Heart” by Sleep Party People, a little girl finds a body beneath the water in a bathtub. “A Game” by Ski Lodge has an American Psycho edge to it. A serial killer takes out Liars in “No. 1 Against The Rush”. There are more (these are the ones that are top of mind) and now there’s “Say No To Thugs” by Australia’s Lost Animal.

First, I must say that Lost Animal has such a cool sound.

Second, the name of this song is brilliant: “Say No To Thugs”.

In this video, the Lost Animal frontman and keyboardist Jarrod Quarrell awakes to find that his bandmate (guitarist Shags Chamberlain) has been killed by a woman he’s sleeping with. He is charged with disposing of the body, only to be murdered by her on the beach. The two are resurrected in a bright room and rock out.

One part dreamy island-inspired rock, one part surreal experimental pop, Lost Animal debuts in the states with their new LP Ex Tropical on Hardly Art on January 29, 2013. Essentially, expect moody tropical music with an extremely hip edge.

Download: “Say No To Thugs” by Lost Animal (mp3)

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