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Fatal Jamz: Another Crystal Morning

Fatal Jamz

With a name like Fatal Jamz, you’re probably expecting some loud, rambunctious rock music. However, this is not entirely the case. Fatal Jamz is most certainly a loud, rambunctious rock band, but it’s also much more. On “Another Crystal Morning”, the band has pop sensibilities and they employ bold, glam-ridden synth lines. It all adds up to one catchy tune.

Featuring Marion Belle of Bowery Beats and Dan Horne of Beachwood Sparks, the band has only played a single show, opening up for The Memories and Avi Buffalo. But they’ll have a tape out on Burger Records and Gnar Tapes come November.

My understanding is that Fatal Jamz formed somewhat by happenstance — Horne was producing songs by the glammy Bowery Beats and joined in for some songs. Those songs would ultimately be the birth of Fatal Jamz.

Keep an eye out for the band’s debut release next month.

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