Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Footcray Station (Video)

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Somewhere between Television Personalities and Fergus & Geronimo, but with an introspective self-deprecating edge is Australian songwriter Craig Dermody, who records mopey but joyful sounding indie pop tunes under the moniker Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. With a hint of jangle in the guitar and a vocal delivery that barely give Dermody a chance to breathe, “Footcray Station” is perfect for the frowny-faced, droopy-shouldered, long and unkempt haired slacker.

The song is seemingly about the woes of being just such a slacker; knowing you need to get off your ass and do something productive, be ambitious… just do something. You get this impression that Dermody is tyring to break out of a funk after a few listens to the song and/or views of its video; it’s not quite a desperate plea (that would be ambitious), rather a hazy, four-beers-in thought.

With rough guitars, off-beat vocals and the slacker mentality of early Beck, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding couldn’t have delivered it better.

“Footcray Station” is off the re-issue of Para Vista Social Club, the debut LP by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. The original release came limited to 200 hand-made copies. Look for it November 27 on Critical Heights.

Footscray Station by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding from Craig Dermody on Vimeo.

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