Pinback: Feature


Pinback is… back. Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV haven’t released a new record since 2007’s Autumn Of The Seraphs, so for the die-hard fan, this is quite the news. And upon hearing both “His Phase” and “Proceed To Memory” off the new LP, it’s clear that Pinback has stayed true to the unique sound for which they’re known.

This is a sound fans know as clean and focused, layered with angular guitar and bass lines and fronted by Crow’s oft-described “intimate” vocals.

“Proceed To Memory” features a synth and Smith’s accompanying shouts in the background; it is the first single (and quite a great one) off Information Received. “His Phase”, available for stream below, doesn’t quick pack the punch of “Proceed”; instead the song emphasizes a cool melody.

Pinback’s new album, Information Received, will be released October 16 on Temporary Residence LTD.

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