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Gap Dream: Generator MP3

Gap Dream

Unlike most albums, there is greatness behind every single track on Gap Dream by Gap Dream. My listening habits have commenced as such: obsessive listens to “58th Street Fingers” and “Slave” followed by the same with “Go Ahead”. Now dominating my playlist are “My Other Man” and “Leather”. And this in just a few short weeks since discovering the band.

Yes, it was just a few weeks ago that we featured Gap Dream, i.e. Gabriel Fulvimar, and his debut, self-titled LP. In that short time, Gap Dream has become one of my favorite releases of the year. In fact, no other release has been so eye-opening slash mind-bending as this, with possible exceptions to those by Cloud Nothings and Exlovers.

Fulvimar and Gap Dream are back (Yes! So soon!) with a new track, this one set for release as a 7-inch on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Like the others I’ve obsessed over by Gap Dream, “Generator” finds an interesting balance between a dreamy haze and slightly fuzzy psychedelic bliss. On “Generator”, though, there’s a thickness to the bass-line that makes it bouncy and a hint playful (think “Go Ahead” but not quite as upbeat or teen-y).

It’s too early to say if there’s a progression between Gap Dream and “Generator”. To be honest, I could care less — I’m just damn excited for yet another great song by this band! What I will say is that the subtle synth (which makes a forefront appearance a few times throughout the song) is a welcome inclusion.

“Generator” makes me giddy. Not because it’s a track that purposefully leans toward fueling that feeling, but because (I said it before, will say it again) it just makes me so damn happy to hear something new by Gap Dream. Check it out below and order from Suicide Squeeze when available.

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