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Fense’s Radio Show: August 31, 2012

On Air at KSVR an KSVU

The blog has been a bit silent this week, and for good reason. We’ve been doing some renovating at home. Over the long weekend, I spent four full days retrofitting the kitchen cabinets from a somewhat cheap appearance, giving them a nice old farmhouse distressed look.

Then there was the reorganization of the living room to be mid-century modern (paired with light remnants of old farmhouse). It’s nice to finally relax, that’s for sure.

Despite the craziness at home over the past week and a half, I found time to put together four hours of radio, full with new tunes and old favorites.

The Playlist:

“October” by The Helio Sequence off Negotiations
“Tears of Joy” by The Horde And The Harem
“To The Sky” by The Invincible Summer off Runaway / To The Sky (Single)

“Mad” by The Torn ACLs off Real Risks EP
“Gary Coleman” by Total Babe off Heatwave
“Elephant Ears” by BOAT off Songs That You Might Not Like

“Halycon Days” by Two Gallants off The Bloom And The Blight
“Albatross, Albatross, Albatross” by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band off Mt St. Helens Vietnam Band
“Slave” by Gap Dream off Gap Dream

“Kilo” by Bonde do Rolê off Tropicalbacanal
“Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover)” by Trails And Ways off Miracle/Nunca Split
“The Drummer” by Niki & The Dove off Instinct

“True Thrush” by Dan Deacon off America

“Midnight Sour” by Gabe Goodman off Midnight Sour EP
“Fineshrine” by Purity Ring off Shrines
“Kanye” by Bogan Via off Bogan Via

“Henrietta” by Yeasayer off Henrietta
“Mtn Tune” by Trails And Ways off Trilingual (Singles)
“City of Lovers” by Baby Monster off City of Lovers EP

“Terracur” by Social Studies off Developer
“Come Back” by Teen off In Limbo
“Five Seconds” by Twin Shadow off Confess

“Our Plan” by Cloud Nothings off Attack On Memory
“The Ruins” by Exlovers off Moth
“Go Ahead” by Gap Dream off Gap Dream

“All Waters” by Perfume Genius off Put Your Back N2 It
“Little Expressionless Animals” by Memoryhouse off The Slideshow Effect
“The Place Lives” by Mount Eerie off Clear Moon

“0,000Orð” by múm off Early Birds
“Descent” by The Album Leaf” off Forward/Return
“Prairie School” by Lymbyc Systym off Symbolyst

“It’s Funny” by Careful off Because I Am Always Talking
“The Time Of You” by Vinca Minor off Capital of Sorrow 2012
“Hood” by Perfume Genius off Put Your Back N2 It

“House Shape” by Mount Eerie off Clear Moon

“Saltkin” by Purity Ring off Shrines
“Bent Fiction” by Gabe Goodman off Midnight Sour EP
“Congo” by Bear Mountain off xo

“Let’s Fall Asleep Together” by Teen Daze off Beach Dreams
“Patient To The End” by The Zebras off Worry A Lot
“Teenage Colony” by Naked Gods off No Jams
“Half Right” by Zebra Hunt off Zebra Hunt
“Forever Boy” by A Classic Education off Call It Blazing
“58th St. Fingers” by Gap Dream off Gap Dream

“Would You Say Stop? (Water Junk Remix)” by Acid House Kings off Music Sounds Better Remixed
“Call To Be” by Dana Buoy off Summer Bodies

“Here’s to Hoping Your Heroes Are Real” by The Harvey Girls off Sidereal Time

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