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Darlings: Pet The Ghost (Single Review)

Darlings (NYC Band)

Pet The Ghost continues Darlings‘ trend of producing great, lazy summer garage pop. Their new single highlights the two sides of the Brooklyn-based band. “Pet The Ghost” is full-on garage pop, but within it Darlings produce the sweltering hot, lazy summer sound. “Shelley”, on the other hand, is much louder and more upbeat.

This is what I love about Darlings. Their sound has the rough edges of garage greats, but the lyrics are stuck in early adulthood: they’re hopeless romantics, they slack off without lacking ambition, they like to hang out and party. It’s what initially drew me to the band’s debut LP, Yeah I Know, and it continued to thrill on their follow-up EP, Warma.

“Pet The Ghost” is the first single off the band’s forthcoming sophomore LP, Perfect Trip. For those familiar with this band, the album is highly anticipated. For those not yet in the know, it’s time to get excited.

Pet The Ghost is out now on Famous Class Records. Check out “Pet The Ghost” below and visit Darlings on bandcamp to download it and “Shelley”.

Download: “Pet The Ghost” by Darlings

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