Wickerbird: Druids (MP3 Co-Premiere)


Wickerbird is a relatively new band from Mount Rainier, Washington artist Blake Cowan. Cowan is set to release The Crow Mother in the near future, and FensePost is excited to co-premiere “Druids” from the band’s new LP. What you get is highly melodic, guitar-centric bedroom folk-pop, much like one of our favorite albums of the year (so far): Holiday by Port St. Willow.

There’s a somewhat eerie similarity between Cowan’s Wickerbird and New York-by-way-of-Portland, OR artist Port St. Willow. Both produce a subtle, soft folk-pop sound that emphasizes harmony and is lightly orchestrated. Likewise, both artists have called both New York City and the Pacific Northwest home.

“Druids”, however, strips away the superb percussion you get with the other artist and replaces it with multiple vocalists. The song is heartfelt, like every song you’ll find on The Crow Mother, and seems to center around Cowan’s somewhat hasty departure from the angst and rush of NYC in stead for the mountainous wilderness of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Nestled in the comfort of nature, in the foothills below Mount Rainier, Cowan found peace. You can hear it in “Druids” — that removal from the craziness mass civilization has become for a life simpler and more natural. As a simple life is one I long for, I am easily drawn to this music.

Check out “Druids” by Wickerbird below and keep an eye out for the LP in the near future.

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