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Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Visions MP3

Letting Up Despite Great Faults

I always get excited to hear something new by Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Their style of slightly fuzzed-out pop paired with a light reverb-laden jangle in the guitars and an electro-pop-ish synth beat is thoroughly enjoyable. Their new song “Visions” fits right in.

If anything, LUDGF is consistent in the music they create. They have found their niche and stuck with it, expanding upon the themes developed as far back as their self-titled LP. “Visions” has plenty of reverb and fuzz to hold true to the band’s past, while pushing them forward with yet another emotive, lovesick melody.

Check out “Visions” below and keep an eye out for Untogether, the band’s new LP, due to drop in October.

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