Blonds: Feature


Cari Ray and Jordy Asher may once have created indie pop, but the past is no longer. Blonds new album, The Bad Ones, is filled with dreamy, soulful mystery. While it may be based loosely around the indie-pop genre, there is a colorful darkness behind the songs this Brooklyn by way of Florida duo creates; it’s timeless but also youthful. It suits Blonds well — these are vintage-influenced love songs for the pseudo-neurotic love-sick obsessive.

The band has been compared to Tennis, and while there’s merit to that reference, I think Blonds stands apart. Sure, they’re equally centered around pop, but Blonds’ songs are darker, they have more soul. “Time” (their latest single) is perhaps one of the songs that emphasizes this relation, but check out “Amen” and “Gospel” kid and you’ll hear what makes Blonds special.

The Bad Ones is out August 7. Listen to “Time” by Blonds below.

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